I’ve been a member of RGT since January 2014 and I teach all ages - from six to sixty! Below are very brief rundowns of what each grade consists of, to give you an idea of the syllabus I teach.

My lessons are relaxed, informal and the pace is set by the student. Whether you’re intending to take grades or not, the RGT syllabus “provides a solid foundation of musical education for any student”. 

I'm based in York and I have a strong background in music performance and composition. As a Guitarist, I have over 13 years experience professionally performing and I have released 13 albums since 2011, comprised primarily of contemporary folk. I have worked in all areas of the industry and I have written music for independent films, original plays, internet chat-shows, gaming podcasts and even books. I have a Distinction in Grade 8 Acoustic Guitar.

As a Ukulele player, I have a Distinction in Grade 3 and I'm a member of The Ukulele Society of Great Britain. 

With regards to teaching, I hire a room at the Poppleton Road Memorial Hall. I teach half-hour (£13) and hour-long (£20) sessions. I have to pay for the room in advance, so if students cancel their lesson I ask that they cover the cost of the room (£1.50 for half-hour sessions and £3 for hour-long). If students cancel within 24 hours prior to their lesson then I ask that they pay in full. If you can't make your lesson but can rearrange it for another time that week then all is ok. 

When it comes to teaching young children, parents are more than welcome to sit in on lessons. They can be as involved as they like.

Lessons can be paid for weekly but ideally I ask that students pay monthly. To incentivise monthly payments, those that do will greatly reduce their tuition book costs. Books must be paid for before they can be taken home and all payments can be made in cash, bank transfer, or cheque.

I teach all ages and primarily beginners. When it comes to practicing, beginners need only do 10 to 15 minutes a day (more if they want to). This doesn't seem a lot but it makes a huge difference. Practice is crucial. Students don't improve just by attending lessons. Real progress is made in practice.

Learning an instrument isn't easy but it is fun and rewarding.

For more information, please get in touch via the contact page.