Primarily, Sid Wright is a Musician with over 12 years experience in performing and composition. In 2011 Sid turned down many recording contracts, preferring to keep creative control, and has since released 13 albums. Sid has composed music for independent films, original plays, internet chat-shows, gaming podcasts and even books. Roughly once a week he lies about being able to play the violin.

Sid has multiple Distinctions (Piano Accordion Grade 1, Piano Grade 3, Acoustic Guitar Grade 6, Acoustic Guitar Grade 8, Ukulele Grade 3) and is a member of the Performer's Rights Society and the Registry of Guitar and Ukulele Tutors, through the London College of Music. Sid is currently based in York and teaches private, one-on-one tuition.

Outside of music Sid is a self-published author of comedy and has been a professional cartoonist and illustrator since the age of fifteen.


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