Strumpluck by Sid Wright.

STRUMPLUCK is a board game, imagined by Sid Wright, designed to teach instruments to young students in a fun way. Strumpluck is based on the free concept of Snakes and Ladders and sees students progress through a numbered board, landing on different tiles, that require them to either answer questions or perform tasks, relating to their instrument. The RGT syllabus is still being taught, but by presenting it this way, students are more engaged, they pay more attention and retain information better. Most importantly, they are incentivised to practice outside of lessons. 

STRUMPLUCK can be played with a single student or in small groups. 

Generally speaking, Sid plays Strumpluck every other week, with a more conventional lesson in between. Parents are encouraged to play with us. 

The design and layout of Strumpluck is copyrighted. For more details, or for enquiries to purchase, please get in touch via our contact page. 

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