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Sid Wright is a self-published author of comedy.
In 2012 he released his first book – The Contemplations of a Nobody.

“Looking at that book now, although I like the ideas in it, its a mess. But art is progression, not perfection. I love the creative process of putting a book together, more so than an album. Publishing books is an expensive hobby but I am improving with each one and they bring me a lot of pleasure.” - Sid Wright

All books are available to buy on Amazon. 

"satisfies your daily dose of escapism"
"literary equivalent to Forrest Gump's box of chocolates"
"funny, clever and witty"
"full of northern wit, cheek and charm" 
"wonderfully hilarious"
"moments of pure joy" 
"hooked from page 1"
"transfers his personality effortlessly onto the page"
"an essential addition to any self-respecting coffee table"
"a truly gifted writer"
"the author's sense of humour shines through"
"my sides were aching and tears were rolling down my face"
"the best tradition of British comedy"
"one irreverent laugh out loud moment after another"
"could have been dictated by a stand-up comedian"